P.kijsiri Company Limited which also known as PKS have been running in wooden furniture business since 1988. However, before PKS was established, we have ever produced and sold domestic wooden furniture in the name of kijchai srijaroen for more than 20years. In 2003, we collaborated with the other shareholders to launch the saw mill company in the name of SEP worldwide. Over 40 years have passed, we are still continuing to glow and improve our ability to meet the customer satisfaction. 


        Nowadays, Our Company has approximately 200 workers running in the production line which have been able to produce 15 containers/ month. In the highest season, our factory could hold the worker up to 300 peoples which could be able to produce the goods more than 20 containers/month.

Raw material

        Actually, we are specialist in rubberwood furniture. Nevertheless, we also are able to produce the goods by using the other materials such as any kind of wood, Veneer, MDF, plywood, glass, rattan and etc.

Material Supply

        To bring the confidence to the customer, we have been building a good and strong relationship with every supplier. Therefore, we have never lacking of material supply, particularly the main raw material like rubber wood, to our company.


        To produce the good product, the machine plays the important role in the production line. We have realized this factor as the main factor to improve the quality of goods and delivery time. In our factory, we have many kind of machines to cover the job which consisting of  CNC router,  multiple direction drilling,  multi drilling,  rip saw,  laminate machine,  four side planning machine,  24” two side planning machine,  automatic Joint machine,  veneer pressing machine,  turning machine,  automatic disc spray machine,  automatic handling machine,   two wide side sanding machine, copy machine, tenon cutting machine, boring machine variety  of sanding machine, variety of cutting machine and etc.


        Today, we have set the security system by using over 30 online CCTV to cover the essential place such as the final stock, loading place and etc. to guarantee that the goods will be safe. Moreover, we also concerned the safety for our worker, so, we have placed and gave the necessary equipment to the right place and the right workers such as Fire extinguisher, dust protection mask, ear plug protection glass, emergency light, exit arrow, map and etc.